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In India, drinking chai is similar to how many in the US enjoy a cup of coffee. Many people of India and Asia have a cup of chai in the morning as a group, helping to create a sense of community. It is also a welcoming beverage so an invitation to someone`s home will include a cup of the family`s chai. The combination of spices, herbs and tea has a number of health benefits as well. Enjoying a soothing cup of chai is a great relaxation aid and is often thought of as a stress reliever. In addition, chai is especially known for it`s ability to settle an upset stomach and aid with digestion. For those interested in keeping down their caffeine intake, chai, being tea based, naturally has less caffeine than the equivalent serving of coffee. A cup of coffee has about 55 milligrams of caffeine whereas the same cup of chai would have about 10-15 milligrams