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Harney Earl Grey Supreme Tea Sachets Ashby's Apricot Tea 20 ct. tea bags
Our Price: $8.00
Sale Price: $7.00
List Price: $7.95
Our Price: $6.50
Sale Price: $6.50
Earl Grey Supreme Apricot
For the Connoisseur . we offer Earl Grey Supreme, which uses a higher grade of teas along with Silver Tips. If you love Bergamont and fine tea, this is the blend for you. Elegant apricot flavor and dried petals
create a great selling cup of gourmet flavored tea. 20 ct.
Harney Orange Pekoe tea bags Harney Black Currant
Our Price: $5.75
List Price: $17.95
Our Price: $17.95
Sale Price: $14.95
Orange Pekoe Black Currant
A classic blend of strong Assam and smooth Ceylon, this tea produces a mellow, satisfying cup. It has big fruity, berry flavor. This full-bodied tea
has become a favorite in fine restaurants all over America.
(50 sachets)
Harney Organic Breakfast tea Harney Peppermint tea bags
Our Price: $6.25
Sale Price: $5.75
Our Price: $5.75
Organic Breakfast Peppermint
A traditional blend of hand picked black teas from India. The Assam is mellowed just a bit with a smooth south Indian Tea. ( 20 teabags) A marvelous brisk peppermint from Oregon. It is a caffeine-free beverage.

Indulge Yourself with the finest.
David Rio Chai Tea

Blending Eastern traditions with Western style, David Rio is an innovative tea company that brings eclectic blends, diverse flavors and classic style to each of it`s unique tea products.

A Bit About Chai...

 David Rio make chai because they are inspired by traditional Indian milk tea, and they set out to blend Eastern traditions with Western style to create Americas Premier Chai. For centuries in India, chai wallahs have been brewing chai from black tea and real spices, then adding milk and honey to the final preparation. Inspired by them and Western  culture, their goal is to establish a premium product using high-quality ingredients with a rich, well-balanced taste, in a unique and attractive package. Chai is the perfect median between coffee and tea, earning its rightful place on  menus, and David Rio chai is the premier chai known worldwide as well as at home.

It's All in Their Ingredients!

Thats right. They take special pride in choosing high quality ingredients from around the world to blend into their award-winning chai. They make our chai with freshly ground spices. Real spices, like cinnamon, clove, cardamom, nutmeg and ginger are just a few we use to commemorate chais traditional but dynamic flavors. They wait until just before the canisters are sealed to mix these spices into every batch of David Rio chai. So just as you pour the hot water or milk over any David Rio chai mix, the distinctive chai fragrance and flavors begin to fully bloom into a well-balanced chai right in your cup.
Another ingredient they use that sets David Rio apart from other chai mixes is their GMO-free, non-dairy creamer, which offers a wonderfully creamy texture without the heaviness of chemicals and fillers. Every David Rio chai product is certified CRC Kosher, is free from hydrogenated oils, trans fats and gluten. The quality and mixture of spices and ingredients assure the crisp, clean flavor of their chai, boasting its depth in every sip. David Rio chais are delicately blended into a convenient mix that make a perfect daily cup  at home or on the go. Simply mix with hot water or milk and enjoy. 

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David Rio Chai | Tiger Spice chai tea 4 lb. bag

List Price: $32.75
Our Price: $32.75
Tiger Spice 4 lb. bag
2 BAGS $62.00 WITH COUPON and free shipping


David Rio Tiger Spice chai tea can
Our Price: $9.50
Ashby's Apricot Decaf 200ct. Bulk Teabags
Our Price: $42.50
David Rio | Elephant Vanilla chai tea 14oz can
Our Price: $9.50
Our Price: $12.00
David Rio Elephant Vanilla chai tea
Our Price: $32.75

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Ashbys bulk tea 200 tea bags
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Ashby's Afternoon 200 ct Tea Bag Loose Case
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Ashbys Cinnamon Plum tea
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Cocoa Amore | Caramel Cocoa 10oz. can
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David Rio Maple Moose Chai Tea Latte
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